every one of them is an absolute angel

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lol what did i just watch


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The ultimate Poke Questions!



  1. What is your favorite Pokemon?
  2. Least favorite Pokemon?
  3. Favorite Legendary?
  4. Favorite region?
  5. Favorite gym leader?
  6. Favorite trainer?
  7. Favorite rival?
  8. Favorite Pokemon type?
  9. Least favorite type?
  10. How many cards do you own?
  11. How many games do you own?
  12. Which is your favorite out of all the games?
  13. Worst game?
  14. Favorite starter?
  15. Favorite Pokemon professor?
  16. Favorite eeveelution?
  17. Mew or Mewtwo?
  18. Favorite movie?
  19. Least favorite movie?
  20. Favorite attack/move?
  21. If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would you be?
  22. Favorite town?
  23. Favorite Elite Four member?
  24. Who is the hardest leader to beat?
  25. Favorite Pokemon tune/song?
  26. Favorite water type?
  27. Ground?
  28. Electric?
  29. Dragon?
  30. Steel?
  31. Normal?
  32. Psychic?
  33. Flying?
  34. Ice?
  35. Dark?
  36. Fire?
  37. Ghost?
  38. Poison?
  39. Fighting?
  40. Least Favorite water type?
  41. Ground?
  42. Electric?
  43. Dragon?
  44. Steel?
  45. Normal?
  46. Psychic?
  47. Flying?
  48. Ice?
  49. Dark?
  50. Fire?
  51. Ghost?
  52. Poison?
  53. Fighting?
  54. Favorite of the legendary dogs?
  55. Favorite Pokeball to use?
  56. Kyogre, Rayquaza or Groudon?
  57. Favorite Pokemon from 1st Generation?
  58. 2nd generation?
  59. 3rd generation?
  60. 4th generation?
  61. 5th generation?
  62. Least favorite Pokemon from 1st generation?
  63. 2nd generation?
  64. 3rd generation?
  65. 4th generation?
  66. 5th generation?
  67. Who is your favorite of the legendary trio from Kanto?
  68. Lugia or Ho-Oh?
  69. Latios or Latias?
  70. Zekrom or Reshiram (or Kyurem)?
  71. Have you ever read the manga?
  72. If so, which is your favorite?
  73. Favorite Pokemon episode?
  74. What do you think of Unova?
  75. Favorite Pokemon spin-off game?
  76. Jessie or James?
  77. If you were a Pokemon, who would you be?
  78. If any 3 Pokemon could be real, which ones would you choose?
  79. Why do you love Pokemon?
  80. Cutest Pokemon?
  81. Ugliest Pokemon?
  82. If you could make any non-legendary Pokemon legendary, which would it be?
  83. A Pokémon that you wish had an evolution?
  84. Most Annoying Pokemon?
  85. Have you ever caught a shiny Pokemon? If so, what Pokemon was it?
  86. Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow?
  87. Pokémon Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby?
  88. Gold, Silver orCrystal?
  89. FireRed or LeafGreen?
  90. SoulSilver or HeartGold?
  91. Diamond,Pearl, or Platinum?
  92. Black or White?
  93. Favorite Kanto starter?
  94. Favorite Johto starter?
  95. Favorite Hoenn starter? 
  96. Favorite Sinnoh starter?
  97. Favorite Unova starter? 
  98. A movie scene that made you cry?
  99. A anime scene that made you cry?
  100. What names have you given your rival?
  101. Proudest Pokemon moment?
  102. Favorite character in the anime?
  103. Least Favorite character?
  104. Garyor Ash?
  105. Have you ever thought if Ash gotten to Oak’s on time?
  106. In addition to the last question, what Pokemon would you think he would’ve chose?
  107. Favorite Pokemon fan art?
  108. Most overrated Pokemon?
  109. Most underrated Pokemon?
  110. Who is in your dream team?

(( :U Please.))

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What sport is this and why am I not playing it?



What sport is this and why am I not playing it?


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I am a longtime fan of Drake Tsui’s confident art style and these depictions of the final forms of all the starter Pokémon do thrill me so.

Which was your favourite Pokémon to start with?

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